Speechelo - Text to Speech Software (Review and Complete Guide)

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Speechelo - Text to Speech Software (Review and Complete Guide)

Speechelo is a "Text to Speech" mean Text to Audio converting Software that provides natural human voices that creates Voice audio clips with the desired text. It helps people who don't have enough money to have a real voice-over for their videos, presentations, or podcasts.

They can use Speechelo TTS software to instantly convert any text into a100% Human-Sounding Voiceover with a few easy steps.

Speechelo is guaranteeing you that the voice is so natural that no one will be able to identify the voice built into Speechelothat it is A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) generated.

If you are making a voice-over using Speechelo TTS Software then no one can tell "it’s not HUMAN speaking".

Using Speechelo TTS (Text-To-Speech) software is going to be a completely tension-free and risk-free decision for you.

You can use speechelo voices for different tasks like Sales Videos, Presentation Videos, Advertisement Videos, Tutorial Videos, Education Videos, Simple Voice Over, Making Podcast. You will find some of the voices trustworthy and pleasant to hear when you make a voice with speechelo.

Key Features of Speechelo Software

  • Convert any text into speech
  • Included Male and Female voices
  • Added inflections smartly in the voice
  • Over 30 human-sounding Natural voices
  • Text to Speech Reading Tones: Normal Tone, Joyful Tone, Serious Tone.
  • Works in English and 23 other languages
  • Works with any video-making software: Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, Filmora, iMovie, Audacity, etc.

What's New in Speechelo

30 Natural Voices

They enhanced the voices by adding more natural voices to this most amazing collection.

Online Text Editor

It has an advanced A.I. engine that will check your text and will add punctuation and errors marks like Grammarly. which are needed to make the speech sound natural.

Breathing & Pauses

Speechelo will add breathing sounds, longer pauses after each phrase. Speechelo uses an A.I. engine that adds breathing sounds or pauses.

23 Languages

"Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh."

Voice Tones

When we make a voice-over for a script. we need to put emotions in our voices too. Speechelo is doing it in the exact same way. You can use 3 different tones in Speechelo TTS software. These are Normal Tone, Joyful Tone, and Serious Tone.

Change Speed & Pitch

One can have full customization control in Speechelo. They can increase or decrease the speed of voice and change the voice pitch.

How many voices you will get in Speechelo?

Here is the list of languages for voices for Speechelo software with the voiceover artist name and the language.

  1. US English: Billy (Male)
  2. US English: Rosie (Female)
  3. US English: Owen - Kid (Male)
  4. US English: Henry (Male)
  5. British English: Beatrix (Female)
  6. British English: Arthur (Male)
  7. Australian English: Allison
  8. Indian English: Mirai (Female)
  9. Spanish: Priscilla (Female)
  10. Spanish Albano (Male)
  11. Spanish Mexican: Lalita (Female)
  12. Spanish Mexican: Leticia
  13. Spanish US: Fiore (Female)
  14. Spanish: Olimpia (Female)
  15. Spanish: Fiore (Female)
  16. French: Thiery (Male)
  17. French: Magalie (Female)
  18. Finnish: Lotta (Female)
  19. Portuguese: Julia (Female)
  20. Portuguese: Catarina (Female)
  21. Portuguese Brazil Leila (Female)
  22. Portuguese Brazil: Rafinha
  23. German: Anke (Female)
  24. German: Lina (Female)
  25. German: Martin (Male)
  26. Italian: Roberto (Male)
  27. Italian: Delinda (Female)
  28. Italian: Valentina (Female)
  29. Greek: Georgios (Male)
  30. Hebrew: Omar (Male)
  31. Hindi: Viti (Female)
  32. Tamil: Gurnam (Male)
  33. Telugu: Laban (Male)
  34. Thani: Chinda (Female)
  35. Indonesian: Arief (Male)
  36. Hungarian: Lajos (Male)
  37. Japanese: Takewaki (Female)
  38. Korean: Yebin (Female)
  39. Norwegian: Erle (Female)
  40. Norwegian: Nora (Female)
  41. Malaysia: Soleh (Male)
  42. Polish: Marzena (Female)
  43. Polish: Zuzanna (Female)
  44. Romanian: Dana (Female)
  45. Arabic: Mirah (Female)
  46. Saudi Arabia: Ayasha (Female)
  47. Mandarin: Genji (Female)
  48. Turkish: Miray (Female)
  49. Turkish: Hande (Female)
  50. Russian: Pimen (Male)
  51. Russian: Svetlana (Female)
  52. Slovak: Peter (Male)
  53. Slovenia: Vincenc (Male)
  54. Icelandic: Esjar (Male)
  55. Danish: Simonsen (Male)
  56. Swedish: Rakel (Female)
  57. Dutch: Carola (Female)
  58. Bulgarian: Grozdan (Male)
  59. Cantonese: Xinyou (Female)
  60. Mandarin: WangJing (Female)
  61. Taiwanese: Tingting (Female)
  62. Vietnamese: Thong (Male)
  63. Croatian: Marko (Male)
  64. Czech: Jan (Male)
  65. Danish: Norma (Female)

How to use Speechelo Software to convert Text into Voice Audio.

You can follow the below given 3 easy steps to convert any text into a Human Sounding Speach audio that can be used as a Voice-Over.

STEP 1 Fill the Text in Given Box

You need to just copy text from your script to the speechelo online text editor.

STEP 2 Choose the Language and Voice

Speechelo comes with over 30 voices that can be chosen for voice over for your upcoming project. You can check the preview of each voice by hearing it and selecting the one voice that best suits your needs.

Also, you can additionally add breathing sounds and long pauses in the speech audio. You can make voice audio with different tones like Serious, Joyful, or normal.

STEP 3 Generate & Download

As per the speechelo website. It takes only 10 to 20 seconds to generate the voiceover audio from the given text.

After following all the above steps, you will have a voice audio clip for your project.

How to Download Speechelo Software?

Speechelo is now providing special discounts with the "Founders Special Offer". You need not pay Monthly Fees. It is a one-time investment and you got the amazing features of Speechelo Software.

Free Download Speechelo

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