How to unblock website URL or domain on Facebook? { Updated Nov 2021 }

How to unblock website URL or domain on Facebook? { Updated Nov 2021 },
How to unblock website URL or domain on Facebook? { Updated Nov 2021 }

This question "How to unblock Website URL on Facebook?" will definitely give you a headache. Once I have faced the same problem when one of my domains had blocked by Facebook.

I was feeling helpless. I searched a lot on the internet and Facebook forum. but I didn't get the solution. then I decided to find the reason behind this block of my website URL.

I read Facebook policies then I got to know the way to find the solution. I tried it and get the solution and soon my domain has been unblocked on Facebook.

When I was searching for the solution. I got to know many bloggers are facing the same. Therefore, today I am writing this article to help my fellow bloggers.

In this article, you will find here the process or working trick that helps you to get your domain website URL to unblock from Facebook.

Why does Facebook block my website?

Facebook is a top-notch social platform that has a higher no of users with higher responsibilities. It is becoming an ecosystem so that Facebook improve its policies for its user security. Now a day's most people invest 30%-50% of their time on social media. Due to lots of users, Facebook gets aware of the misuse of its services that are free for everyone on this globe.

Why is my website blocked by Facebook?

The following can be the reason behind your domain or website URL block by

  1. Someone report your domain on Facebook.
  2. You posted your article's URL in such a group those not relevant to your website content.
  3. Someone posted your URL to a group and page more than one time (like spam).
  4. Your website has malicious JavaScript or hidden code that harms Facebook users.

Let's understand, what is the reason behind it. Your website URL is being blocked on Facebook.

These questions come with the answer. A website like Facebook comes with lots of functionality that takes action automatically. This is called Artificial Intelligence. We all know that Facebook and many other websites have changed their policies. After these Policies changes, the unsafe website has started to be blocked. Facebook has taken this step to strengthen its user security.

In this process, some safe website URL has also been blocked. The reason behind this would be the wrong reporting. I mean, This would have happened because a stranger reported your website on Facebook as spam. This is my guess. But There have no one who blocks your website URL manually or prohibited you from sharing your website URL.

It's a machine program that gets instruction provided by you and design by the Facebook developers team. If you try to act smart and share your website URL in a comment or others timeline or other pages or own pages continuously it's being recognized as spam or misleading content.

Find the place where you get all solutions related to Facebook. it is Facebook Help Center

How to unblock URL on Facebook?

Here I am sharing the same trick or process to unblock URL on Facebook. The process gives me a result that I have applied to another domain "".

This domain was blocked in December 2018. At that time Facebook was updating its community policy and guidelines for sharing content on Facebook.

Easy Steps to unblock website URLs or Domains on Facebook.

  1. Go to the Facebook Help Center to find.
  2. Visit the Facebook Sharing Debuggerpage.
  3. Enter your website URLin sharing debugger fill boxes and press the debug button.
  4. Now you get the message "We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know."
  5. facebook sharing debugger - unblock website url on facebook
    Visit the Facebook Sharing Debugger page.
  6. Now Click on "let us know"on this page.
  7. Now you are at Facebook Block Page. Here you can request Facebookto unblock your website.
  8. Facebook Blocks Page - unblock website url on facebook
    Facebook Application Form Page to Request for Unblocking the Website.
  9. Now write an application to unblock your website URL.
  10. Submit it by pressing the Send button.
  11. Now, you need to wait until 24 hours as this request will be reviewed by the Facebook team. and if your website follow all the criteria given in Facebook community policy then your domain will be unblocked soon. hope for a positive result.

Best Tips and Tricks for you:

Application Format to unblock website URL on Facebook.

you can find below an application format for unblocking your website on Facebook.

Good Morning Facebook! With due respect, I would like to inform you my website URL has been blocked on Facebook. Recently I got to know my website URL your-website-URL-Here has blocked on Facebook and prohibited me to share my website links over my pages and my timeline. I didn't go against your policies. I apologize If I have broken any Facebook policy by any mistake. It is requested please unblock my website URL and enable its links. I thank Facebook Team for making it a safe place for all.! Please Unblock my website. URL: your-website-URL-Here Thanks in Advanced. Manish Kumar

FAQ: Questions are being asked to Unblock website URL on Facebook.

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  2. how do get unblock your website on Facebook?
  3. How to unblock a website on Facebook?
  4. How unblock my website on Facebook?
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  6. How to post a blocked URL or unblock your website on Facebook?

    If you have already tried the above-given Trick. Then tried this trick that has been shared below in this post. Unblock Website URL on Facebook - 2nd Trick 👈

    Video Tutorial to learn "How to get unblock Domain on Facebook".

    Here in this video, I record all the necessary steps that you can follow to get success for unblocking your domain URL over Facebook. as well important advice to all bloggers that don't do spamming in greed of some view it will destroy your weeks and months hard work. Watch the video for a better understanding.

    Second Process to unblock your domain from Facebook.

    Here in this section of the article. I am sharing a second process that help you to unblock your domain from Facebook. Here you will get the answer to How to unblock domain from Facebook?

    This is the second way that I have applied when the first one did not work for me.

    I assured you that you will get unblock your website URL as I have got success cause I have already used this trick to unblock my website on Facebook.

    Friends, I can understand, how it is painful when you can't generate good quality traffic for your website.

    I have written this How to post a blocked URL or unblock your website on Facebook! article to help you to unblock your website URL on Facebook. If you follow all the above-given steps and And it's been more than 10 days now. Still, your website is not approved as an unblocked website.

    Easy Steps to unblock the URL on Facebook.

    Before sharing the septs, I have advice that you need to follow. Friends, you have to convenience Facebook Team that your website doesn't have only safe content for its users. You never spam on Facebook. Here are the steps of this trick. Hope you get a solution.

    👉 Step 1: Get a share of your article. Ask 3 and 4 friends to share any one article on your website to their Facebook timeline. If anyone shares your article. They will get a popup like its spam or get nothing. but after a few minutes ask them to check their notification. Notification will be like this 👇 See the picture below.

    Unblock website URL on Facebook - Notification
    Unblock website URL on Facebook - Notification

    👉 Step 2: Click on Notification in the notification bar. Now tell Friends to click on notifications like in the above-given image. After clicking this notification you will be diverted to a new page. You got this message "This post goes against our Community Standards on spam". See the image given below. Don't worry about it and just follow the steps as I have conveyed.

    Unblock website URL on Facebook by Request review
    Unblock website URL on Facebook by Request review

    👉 Step 3: Click on the "Request Review" Button. Now Ask your Friends to "Request Review" like the above-given image. Just click on the Request Review button to Review the shared blocked URL. After "Request Review" you have to wait about 24 hours to 1 week. If takes a long time don't panic. Just have patience and wait for the Facebook reply.

    Unblock URL on Facebook - under review
    Unblock URL on Facebook - under review

    Random Questions are being asked on Facebook regard website URL blocked.:

    1. How to unblock Domain Link/website URL on Facebook?
    2. Ans.: with the help of these tricks you can unblock your Domain URL.

    3. Unblock Website URL from Facebook?
    4. Ans.: Use Second Trick if the First trick doesn't give the result.

    5. My Website URL blocked By Facebook | How To Unblock?
    6. how to get unblock your website on Facebook?
    7. How to unblock a website on Facebook?
    8. How unblock my website on Facebook?
    9. Facebook blocked my website?
    10. How to post blocked website posts or content?
    11. how to unblock a website from Facebook?
    12. how to unblock a website from Facebook?
    13. Ans.: For having a solution to the above-given question, You will have to try above mention tricks. I assured you that you will definitely get a solution after the use of these tricks.

    Ending Words: You will get unblocked your website on Facebook with the use of this trick. I believe, you are going to appreciate my work in the comment box.

    I hope this article will be helpful for you. Please do share your valuable feedbacks in the comment section. You can also share this post to help others.

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