How to buy a domain on Google Domain - Easy Steps {Complete Guide}

How to buy a domain on Google Domain Easy Steps {Complete Guide}

This article guide you with few easy steps that helps you to buy a domain on google domain. As we all know there have lots of domain provider over internet but google has its own reputation in the netizen. 

Easy steps to buy a domain on Google Domain:

Here are some of steps that can be follow to have a desired domain in your basket. Please follow the below given steps. 

Note: I am using my blog domain name "" for demonstrate the process.

Step 1:

Search "Google Domain" or direct type "" in address bar of your browser.

Step 2:

You need to make an google domain account or you can login with existing account by pressing right top corner profile icon.

Step 3:

Now you will be on the Homepage of Google Domain (see the image).

Step 4: Now press the button "Find the perfect one".

Google Domain Dashboard Homepage

Step 5:

You need to type desired "Domain name" in the search box given. 

Buy a domain on Google Domain Search a Domain Name

Step 6:

See the result as per your searched keyword for desired "Domain name". Now you need to choose one domain with available extension eg. .com, .org. .info, in, .net, .xyz etc. whatever you like to buy.

Buy a domain on Google Domain Choose Domain Name with Extension

Step 7:

Now click on "Basket icon" to add the domain in to cart. (shown in the image given below).

Buy a domain on Google Domain Add Domain in to cart

Step 8:

You successfully added the domain in to the basket. now press the "Basket icon" given in the top menu or just click on the "Go to cart" as it pop up on the screen when you added the domain in the cart.

Buy a domain on Google Domain Go to cart or click on basket icon.

Step 9:

Now you are on the "Checkout domain page". You have two option that can be choose as per your choice. First is "Privacy protection" and other one is "Auto-renew".

Privacy protection is Free on Google Domain. Comparison to or this is great feature of Google Domain.

Note: "Privacy protection is not supported for .IN domains."

You can also buy a extra feature of "Google Domain" that provides you "Custom Email" with some monthly charges.

Now you can click on the "Check Out" Button if you agreed to proceed.

Buy a domain on Google Domain Check Out Page for Proceed Purchasing

Step 9:

After clicking on the check out button, you need to provide your information by filling this form. 

After filling this from with your information. You need to click on "Save and Continue" button.

Buy a domain on Google Domain Provide your information for purchase the domain

Step 10:

Now you are on the "Review purchase page". Here Google Domain needs your credit or debit card details to initiate the payments. you need to "Add credit or debit card" details with your billing address. 

Buy a domain on Google Domain Review Purchase Add Credit or Debit Cards Details

Step 11:

After adding credit or debit card details. it will shows on your card details and "Promo Code" option. There have a "Promo Code" offer option available like on the purchase of domain name with google domain. If you have a google domain promo code then you can have a discount on your purchasing.

Now you can press the "buy" button to get your domain. The amount of your purchasing will be deducted from your bank account or credit card.

Buy a domain on Google Domain Review Purchase Press the Buy Button to Buy the Domain

Step 12:

Now you will redirect to the your domain page with all information and other features. 

Buy a domain on Google Domain Domain Dashboard for Google Domain

I hope this article will be helpful for you. Please do share your valuable feedbacks in the comment section. You can also share this post to help others.

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